Artshow Preview 2017 - Base - Wood (7 works)

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City And Seascape

Height 1,200cm x Width 900cm

Oil on Wood

Genre: Seascape

© Tara Asikas (2)

NRN# 000-38559-0135-01

Exhibit# 1

Stormy Night

Height 60cm x Width 60cm

Acrylic on Wood

Genre: Abstract

© Emilia Bellifemine (1)

NRN# 000-37713-0134-01

Exhibit# 6

Between City And Sea

Height 63cm x Width 90cm

Mixed Media on Wood

Genre: Landscape

© Linden Edwards (1)

NRN# 000-38699-0134-01

Exhibit# 14

Garden 2016

Height 120cm x Width 100cm

Oil on Wood

Genre: Landscape

© Greg Geraghty (1)

NRN# 000-38695-0134-01

Exhibit# 20

Things Get Interesting In The Middle

Height 149cm x Width 60cm

Acrylic on Wood

Genre: Other

© Oliver Hebberman (1)

NRN# 000-38702-0134-01

Exhibit# 25

Mellor Park, Saturday Afternoon

Height 36cm x Width 50cm

Pastel on Wood

© Michael Hocking (1)

NRN# 000-37346-0136-01

Exhibit# 27

City, Suburbs, Sea

Height 31cm x Width 94cm

Mixed Media on Wood

Genre: Contemporary

© Alli Symons (1)

NRN# 000-38682-0134-01

Exhibit# 57